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We are a multi-generation family company.

Baum-Essex is a privately held corporation headquartered in the Empire State Building with a sixty year history as a manufacturer of rainwear, outerwear, umbrellas, dinnerware, cutlery, beach accessories, and natural fiber products.

To facilitate international operations, Baum-Essex also maintains an office in Kowloon, Hong Kong that is staffed to meet our quality control needs. We enforce strict standards in accordance with compliance from major retailers.

Our wholly owned distribution center is located in Riverside, California and is full service and EDI automated with the latest logistical technology.

Our History

  1. 1946
    Edmund Baum begins importing textiles from Japan.
  2. 1952
    Edmund opens his first sewing plant in New York City on Essex Street
  3. 1965
    Almar Manufacturing, a textile manufacturing company located in Washington, GA, opens their first office in Taiwan to import goods from Asia.
  4. 1968
    Edmund is succeeded by his two sons, Charles and Myron.
  5. 1972
    Charles and Myron purchase Almar Manufacturing and change the name to Essex Manufacturing, after the location of their father’s sewing plant.
  6. 1979
    Charles and Myron first begin importing goods from China.
  7. 1984
    Baum-Essex Manufacturing (H.K.) Ltd. is incorporated and offices are opened in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  8. 1990
  9. 1998
    Charles and Myron are succeeded by their two sons, Peter and Bill.
  10. 1999
    Essex relocates to the Empire State Building in New York City.
  11. 2000
    Essex purchases a warehousing facility in Riverside, CA.
  12. 2004
    Baum-Essex HK also opens a Quality Assurance subsidiary office in China, Foshan Manson.
  13. 2006
  14. 2010
    Baum-Essex sourcing capabilities reach to the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia with the introduction of the natural fiber storage division.
  15. 2012
    Baum-Essex begins to import product from India.
  16. 2014
    Essex introduces their newest division, kitchenware under the Lucinda Scala Quinn and Emeril Lagasse licenses.

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